A loto combination generator

Recently looking in my old backup drive I have found many forgotten project files and images. Among others, was a small number generator, a visual basic project I've done back in 2002 - 2003. Nothing too fancy, a small exercise for a VB6 course. With a little customization, I've got a brand new small loto (lotto) combination generator.

Have made 2 versions, both are FREEWARE e.g. free to use and distribute (in their original state as it is, no support provided, author is not responsible for its use and any possible problems caused by this software). If you need help!? with a click somewhere on the main form other then GENERATE button, a help screen will open.

If the Loto rules are different in your country and you wish to customize this software to its rules, I can do this for you for a small 3$ fee.